The roots of Gerger Group dates back to 1958 when Gerger Trade Company was founded. Our mission is to be a customer-focused innovative company that consistently delivers high quality production in a moral and ethical manner while maintaining the competitive advantage, through the use of innovative technology and efficient processes.

Gerger Group is one of the most outstanding companies among its regional peers and aims to the regional leader of the service sector. Gerger Group operates in different sectors including food, cosmetics, IT and cleaning.

Behind the success of Gerger Group there lies a customer-focused and productivity-centered management style. This style is not only formed through material gains, but it also embodies a strong corporate citizenship approach from which the whole society can benefit.

Gerger Group offer high level technology, quality brands and dynamic human resources to its customers. The Group seeks to maximize the value of its services, not only in Turkey but also in the regional and global context.



Mim Gıda is the leader in sales, marketing and distribution in its region with its product range of over 40 different categories, in particular Ülker branded food and beverage category products.



Ayaş is the leader of sales, marketing and distribution of many years in its region with a wide range of products in different categories, in particular Hayat Kimya branded hygiene, cleaning papers and home care category products.



Despite being the youngest company of the Gerger Group, which was established in 2014, Nesil has become the sales, marketing and distribution leader in its region in a short time with its milk and dairy products group.



Vadi Mahallesi Batı Çevreyolu Bulvarı 124/B

46050 Onikişubat Kahramanmaraş


T: +90344 237 61 93 F: +90344 237 61 96